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Hi, I'm Jessica


Hi, I'm Jessica

I'm a maker...

just an artsy/crafty soul through and through!


My career started as an elementary school art teacher. I taught full-time for about seven years before stopping to take my own painting more seriously.

In 2012, I launched a big goal of painting 

'500 Paintings', a challenge inspired by the Daily Painting Movement with the intention of growth by habitually painting several small paintings each week. This goal proved to be an invaluable method for teaching me endurance as well as many techical painting skills. After four years, 500 were complete and I was 'up on the bike' and displaying at local art fairs (Indianapolis) and gathering an encouraging squad of art cheerleaders and collectors.


I'm at an exciting stage of my career where I'm working with interior designers to create custom artwork for clients. My 'new frontier' lately has been learning surface pattern design and creating custom fabrics that coinside with my painting collections.


I'm also excited about the teaching opportunities that are coming my way!..I love seeing these chances for my passion for education, art, and community building unite! 



"We cannot thank Jessica enough for absolutely capturing our story through our painting and making the process so fun & easy."

Derek & Alexandra

"We are speechless with how amazing our painting of our wedding chapel turned out, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You are truly so talented and we will be showing the painting off for the rest of our lives."


My husband and I really love Jessica’s artistic style, so the calendar is perfect for us to have beautiful artwork in our home! 

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